Here at the British Science Association, we've been engaging the public in science since 1831.

We exist to put science at the heart of our society and culture, by increasing and diversifying the number of people involved in science and in how it shapes our future. 

As a result, we have gained significant expertise in researching and interpreting nationwide attitudes around key science and technology topics (see our Department of Health case study). As a science organisation, we are passionate about science and its central role in our lives and future, and we are skilled in being able to start science-based conversations with the public in an accessible, engaging and considered way. This – along with our nationwide reach and extensive network of expert critical friends – means we can offer a wide range of clients (from public to private to third sector) an effective, insightful and bespoke way to engage and interpret public opinion.  

Our current portfolio of research tools includes... 

  • Future Debates: A nationwide series of up to 30 regional debate events around a certain key scientific topic, both informing the audience and giving them the opportunity to ask questions and have their say. Information is gathered as participants register, and through the interactions at the events themselves. 
  • Deliberative Dialogue Event: An in-depth and day-long focus group, with around 25 participants representative of the UK population. Information is shared by experts on the topic, followed by opportunities to consider, discuss and debate a number of different scenarios, to understand what participants think and – crucially – why. 
  • Public Attitude Report: A drawing together of data and information already in existence, engaging the opinion and assessment of some of the BSA's expert 'critical friends'. 
  • Polling: Inserting information into wider research, for example, King's College cultural tracker. 
  • Qualitative research: Focus groups or interviews. 
  • Other bespoke research services: Developed to deliver on the client brief. 

Engaging and interpreting public attitude on a wide range of science topics is core to the British Science Association's vision and work. If you would like to discuss how our research services and tools can inform and enrich your own work, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact...

Louis Stupple-Harris, Research & Campaigns Manager. Louis drives the British Science Association’s research and evidence strategy, implementing our public first approach to science policy with a focus on engaging public attitudes. He has five years of experience conducting research and creating policy advice in Parliament, academia and the private sector.

T: +44 (0) 20 7019 4939 


Jon Fitzmaurice, Head of Cultural Development. Jon oversees the British Science Association’s research, policy and campaigns work with a special focus on politics, civil society and convening leaders. He has worked in public engagement for the last ten years leading democratic engagement projects to promote citizens’ rights and responsibilities. 

T: +44 (0)20 7019 4977 


Gill Riches, Director of Strategy & Operations. Previously Gill was Head of Membership at the Whitehall & Industry Group, where she designed, delivered and chaired consultation-style workshops for government departments on policy issues of interest to WIG’s FTSE 350 members.  

T: +44 (0)20 7019 4924